Everything. The problem is the it is occupied. The land in Louisiana, gives no right and or ownership to the family member that started paying???? He always paid the amount on the first of the month or would double, triple payments at times. We pay for the home insurance, all the land taxes and utilities. please take the time and at least talk to us about this and hopefully help us save our property. I’ve done all of the upkeep and remodeled the home. the agreement was if I paid the land taxes and house insurance the house was mine. Usually, the tax amount is based on the assessed value of the property. Thank you so very much and have a blessed day. Which States Have the Highest Property Taxes? Can you please explain if we have any rights to take over this home? 1. Alabama isn't the state with the lowest average property tax rates - that distinction goes to Hawaii with a rate of .32 percent - but Alabama does … The mortgage company does have a copy of my bond of title. agreed and made a contract that if we paid the total amount more than $6000.00 that we could move in and take over taxes and any repairs the home needs. He has payed the taxes and insurance along with the cost of upkeep on said residence. We live in indiana. Those persons are the record owners of the property. You’ll need to find out if your father had a will or if the property was in a trust, and then go from there. I have a friend in Louisiana. so my greedy brother which I hadn’t talked to in over 15 years for he got devorsed and ran off is now fighting me and my husband and so far winning the battle. My question, can the powers that be now claim that not enough taxes were paid on the whole to try and take the land? (Your husband and his sister inherited the property at its current market value, which has to be determined, so when he buys her half, it will be tax-free.). Now problem is who’s the owner of this house and land still registration is on my grandfather name he passed away , is there any problem in the process of registration ?? If you had a freind that helped you pay your back taxes cause she wanted to help …said I can pay her back when I can …and all the sudden she’s threatening to take my house for 6000.00 can she ? then one day a realeast person came knocking on the door. And everytime my parents get upset they threaten us about the house. okay to start with history of the property. The owner would still have two years to redeem the taxes, but your daughter and her husband could make a nice profit if that did happen. We can’t find a will and she has one living son. If he makes any attempt to get you out - even if just by saying "Hey you - Leave" - it stops the adverse possession clock. Start with a local real estate attorney or escrow or title company. And when she passed away all i got was a rented truck and a ” get the f#&: out” .. All I have to say is ” Good luck with that eternity thing” as he promised many people some on their death beds that he would take care of me. THIS HAS TO CHANGE NOT FAIR. If I pay the property taxes that are now past due, how do I prevent the son from gaining access later should he recover from drugs and get his act together? of course we said no were not going to sign a paper saying you have half our property for we have paid for it and were only wanting to pay the 82 dollars tax but he would not accept it so we didn’t pay any more tax money but put it in the bank to pay it when the court would tell us too. My question is, can my wife sell his house? If no one is contesting that my brother take over the house, does he have any real rights to ownership of the house? She has never used the property (i.e. I couldn’t pay them . My Uncle who was the executor of the estate for over 20 years when my grandmother died. J. Keith Windle. And when our father came to have the house put in both our names he was killed the next day on Christmas Eve. Tks. The previous owners moved to another state and later passed away. He has 3 other siblings that have not contributed to helping pay for anything to do with the house. never has spent the night here-she now owns 3homes & recently sold 2others… none of which I’m sure she paid capital gains tax on and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has at some point lied on her taxes about this one with regards to taxes & insurance, etc. thankyou for helping us. The good news is that if you are age sixty-five or older you are exempt from paying state property taxes. Dad has since passed away in the 13 years I have lived there I have paid the property taxes and insurance on the house. You can’t imagine how easy money ruins a close family dynamic. What rights do you have as far as selling the land? And Since my name is off the deed am I still liable to pay those taxes even though my name is off the deed?? There are three timelines for a squatter to gain ownership of your property through adverse possession. 1) can he evict me and the kids if he chooses so? I worked out everything evenly with my two siblings, they agreed to the terms. The law is designed for abandoned property, to get it back into beneficial use after an owner up and leaves. I grew up in the house, I am now 49. Best, Ilyce Glink, publisher ThinkGlink.com, My grandmother asked me to stay in her house before she died … 20 years living in that house now daughter wants to sell it do i have any rights, My mom did a quick claim deed back in 2004 with my two sisters and me and Her on the deed now mom is 76 we had hurricane Irma that done 47.1 % damage to the property with out insurance I did all the repairs to get the property back to code all by myself it took about a year to get it back to be Abel to live in now my two sisters want to sell where they have not paid 1 cent to take care of taxes or repairs in the time they have had there name on the property they live out of state I say it’s still moms house and l will take care of her in this house until she dies what do I do to get there name off the deed because they have abandon the property and want to kick mom out of the house but mom owes 25% and I own 25% can u give some advise to stop this greed from tacking place thanks Davie. Sorry also oy is land only. Someone said because we have been paying the taxes the home should be ours. If the owner doesn’t pay the monew back to that person, how can they take the property if they don’t pay them back, and how long does that person have before the one who paid the taxes takes over ownership if possible. Thank You. Here's an excerpt taken directly from the State of Alabama web site: I AM OVER 65. Stacey: The state doesn’t own anything. then that person passed away with out us knowing about it. The Sheriff’s department had begun to define the cabin as a “Drug House” (That was when I cut the electricity off) There were three separate years when I told my sister she had to pay the taxes. If taxes on businesses are also extremely low, then you either have to cut services, stop fixing roads, invest less in schools or raise taxes. Pam, You need more help than we can give you here. now in the state we live in if there is a pool on the property. Generally, the payment of real estate taxes alone is not sufficient to give the tax payer ownership rights to a property. The lady, maryjane still hasn’t made a payment since 2011. The parents should pay for the education of their childrwn.too many older people on fixed incomes have and are losing their homes due to high taxes. Not legally. Can he use this as a way to gain ownership in anyway? The city did not evict him. So I am just worried and want to know do I still have to be held liable even though I’ve been off the deed since Feb on this year??? Being proactive here is the best way to go. Thanks. Best, Ilyce Glink, Publisher ThinkGlink.com, I have 6 uears of back taxes that i have paid on a house i bought from. She let her son stay there for months without telling me. Did you live in the home rent-free? If you don’t pay your property taxes in Alabama, the delinquent amount becomes a lien on your home. I have a question also if my husband and I divorced and the land is in both of our names and hes paid on them for the last 4 years before I could and I finally paid them this year can he get my name off the land during our divorce we didn’t discuss who the land is going to I could move into my mothers house while he had nowhere to go so thats what I did but he wants my name off the land and I won’t sign it over can he do anything to have my name off of it. His father had been dead for a while. If a deceased family member my grandma left no will but all her children agree that I her grandaughter can stay in her house as long as I pay all. Are they still legal owners if their name is still on the deed? Just nothing saying Its mine. The Title,The buying agreement when she first bought the mobile home, the agreement between my friend and Mary Jane. We’ve lived here 5 out 7 yrs. Secondly, Im now in a position to get a mortgage to pay off the remainder of what I own her to get her off the deed, however my concern is her changing her mind again to acquire even more money or cheat me out of it altogether. My father in-law​ says I have to pay the taxes on his mom’s house. I’m sorry to say that paying the back taxes would only work if the property gets sold for the back taxes. I have all records of payment even from when my grandmother was alive. About Assessor and Property Tax Records in Alabama Each of Alabama's counties contains an Assessor office which is responsible for real and personal property tax records. now he lives in the house. Does he have legal rights to the house since he has been living there for this long? Who owns the property? I am looking to do a five plan repayment but, I am unsure if I can since I am not the legal owner and we are barely beginning to go through probate. If you’re trying to sell, you will need that last signature, so keep at it and be creative. The other way this works is if your kids paid the outstanding property taxes for two decades and then were able to somehow acquire the property. ted and denise Morrison weve been married for over 39 years and we want our 7 grand kids to play on our property like they have been doing for its a nice piece for no one can build around us and were kind of in the country. Alabama Tax Liens. I had the same thing happen to me. An estate tax is a tax applied on property transfers at death. My in-laws sold their house over 20 years ago and just found out that the guy who bought it never transferred the deed! It is up to the homeowner to determine the property classification. My husband and I wanted to do a refi on the home to take it out of her name and that is how we found out about the bankruptcy. What rights does he have to the property? If your mother had a will when she died and the will was not contested, her will would designate who would now own the property without regard to who paid the real estate taxes or who lived in her house. My grandpa lives in his wife’s dad,s home he has bin dead since before 1990 and my grandma has also passed away the house was never left in no ones name my grandpa is now 77 and he has always payed the taxes on the house i was wondering how much owner ship if any do we have i bin living here with them since i was a baby im 23 now and he has no idea how to even go about putting it in his name and it didnt get left to no one so whats going on where do we even start its bin over 30 years maybe 2 times that people have died that new anything about the house or all together just dont know about it we are lost. My brother has been living there all this time and paying the property taxes. She’s using it as her yard. I have filed my bond of title at the court house. In the United States, the estate tax and gift tax are one unified concept. Still does actually but he’s behind 30k in prop taxes. Now that we are living together we are not getting along. If she had no will, the probate court following state laws would determine who would own the property. What Happens to My Property Taxes When I Pay Off My Mortgage? Her brothers and sisters refuse to pay they told her she can do what she wants with it but i think she needs to have them signed something. Ok my grandpa owned the house I have lived in for 12 years . While there are no specific references to the payment of taxes within Louisiana state statutes on adverse possession , the state of Louisiana has the rights to claim and resell any property with past-due property taxes . You can then take out a mortgage on the property (assuming it is mortgage-free) for the amount that you owe his sister. When No One in the Family Wants to Pay Property Taxes, What Can You Do? According to the pmt schedule she printed after she amended our “original agreement” I’ve only paid back $18k. Does paying property tax give ownership in Louisiana? There are many financial implications that come into play when a resident or nonresident with property in Alabama dies. Your only remedy is to hire a competent real estate trial lawyer to file a suit for partition under the provisions of sections 35-6-20 through 35-6-66 Code of Alabama 1975. However, these don’t include an inheritance tax or estate tax , as the state has done away with both. What are my legal rights if I pay the taxes? Also, he threaten us by saying that he will sue us if we try to sell the house that is under my wife’s name. My dad and cousin paid the taxes this year but only paid the part they were interested in. The going rate for a 4 bedroom locally is $2,500 a month and the mortgage there is $1,100. Paying Taxes On Gifted Vehicles In most states, the car's recipient must fill out the bulk of the paperwork, and this includes tax paperwork. If not, then you can leave the property and it will be up to her to continue to make the mortgage and property tax payments. Or whats the process i go through to finally move in? How can someone get a quitclaim deed to our property? I’ve lived here for 10 years 5 years ago the owner of the house made a verbal contract with me and my husband that she doesn’t want the house that it will be willed to us when she dies one week ago she brings me a new month to month contract and that she is going to sell the house we have been paying the mortgage on the house for 5 years believing the house would be ours we used to pay 800 for 5 years before this is there anything we can do we have put a lot into the house and now she wants us to sign a contract that says we will repair everything and we aren’t aloud to have pets without her saying we can but we already have animals and to pay the whole mortgage when we only agreed to pay that much cause she told us the house was ours what can we do. They’d have to go to the courthouse steps and make an offer to buy the taxes. Do we own the property our house sits on? Thus, if someone promises to pay your property taxes, follow up with the property tax office to ensure that the taxes were paid on time and get a hold of the person who was supposed to pay them if they weren't paid. Can i get some help please I’m only 23 years of age me and my old brother 24 of age we live in our great grand mother house all our live will she was health and sick , before she died of sickness she did not get the time to write her wills therefore we continue to live her and maintain the house , all our lives it was only 4 residents in the house me my brother my mother and my cousin. If you don’t know a good attorney, you should call the local bar association and ask for the head of the real estate committee. Your ex-sister-in-law still owns the property. Your grandfather is a different story and it depends on how the property was left. And every month they take the cashier check to the bank and deposit it. My parents passed away without a will and I’m an only child…my mom was the last to die, and she left me a signed and witnessed paper stating she left me everything…I haven’t had the money to transfer the property into my name, but have been paying the taxes on the house….can I claim those taxes on my income tax? Hi im interested in buying a beautiful house on tax sale. Taxes due from 2017 . However, since verbal agreements are not recognized here in N.C. it’s technically closer to $25k. Although is it occupied, do i waot 6 months like other people said and then i can move in? Whether you actually complete paperwork, provide a clerk with some information, or, well, do anything, is up to your state. Can I legally evict her and take ownership? I have upgraded all the appliances including the hot water heater and furnace. People who never had children are forced to pay for dead beat parents. Ive heard and read and reasearched alot of information and people tend to not give me a clear answer. A homestead exemption was filed for the property. This man is in his 80’s and I’ve been living with my mother for a few years now and I am now paying the property taxes. My husband and his sister has a property which is a vacant lot. (Ala. First, there are three different terms you might hear -- estate tax, gift tax, and inheritance tax -- and it’s important to know the difference. I am currently paying off the delinquent house taxes from 2014 from my deceased moms house in Los Angeles county CA. What type of contract would I need before going forth with a mortgage and trying to buy her out for the remainder owed… a promissory note or unequal homeownership contact or both? Hi Help, The extra charges of a government on the purchasing of property in the form of general country tax can be eliminate easily with in a seven days according to the rules and regulations of a government,If you write an application with the authentic reasons for a elimination of property tax and also attached a legal documents of a property tax pairs after that submitted in the government office by the tax layers which is helpful for you to approved the claim of your property tax in the seven days without any allegations of a government on the application of your property tax ,Remember don’t write any irreverent reasons in the applications of property tax you want to submit in the office of government and also don’t attached any illegal or extra document of property which increase the chances to refuse or neglect your claim application ,So keep it in your mind all the instructions and requirements given to you by the tax layer after concerning this kind of matter according to the current policy of government . We help moved them back to Ohio from Florida. This means that paying taxes on a … In these situations, the taxpayer will need to be aware of how their property has been assessed and, if it is assessed at the higher rate, provide evidence that it qualifies as Residential Property and take action to have the property reassessed at the lower rate. We live in California I & don’t know if each state is different.. . As far as I’ve been told if you live there and pay the taxes… You need to get an attorney because they will find you as the good standing property owner. Thank you in advance! These four classifications are outlined in the Alabama Code as follows: All property of utilities used in the business of such utilities, All agricultural, forest, and residential property, and historic buildings and sites, All private-passenger automobiles and motor trucks of the type commonly known as “pickups” or “pickup trucks” owned and operated by an individual for personal or private use and not for hire, rent, or compensation. I dont even know if she’ll sign a contact for purchase, she goes back & forth (was diagnosed bi-polar II with narcissistic tendencies). Basically, would the % of ownership interest be favorable? A joint owner who pays taxes on jointly owned property does so on behalf of himself and his co-owners. Recently, the dad has done some terrible things that set our family back financially. For more details, please consult with your tax preparer. Once I pay the taxes in it, will i get the deed automatically? My mother passed in 2002 and left the house in a ttrust to be sold and the money split between the kids. He moved in with his mother many years ago. I pay her mortgage company direct and have been since 2012 when she almost cause them to foreclose on my home. 2 yrs it sat empty. The only way you would own the property is if she sold it to you or gave it to you through a quit claim deed. told me what was going on. Texas Resident… – Not sure if the law for property taxes are the same in every state.. My situation is. My sister is the executor of the will is wanting to sell the house but my brother says its his and he is not going to leave. They only said that we all need to leave until the electricity and water is paid. We became delinquent on taxes but not by much. There were no gutter on the home we put them on as well. A year later dad remarried and moved out and changed the deed on the house to include me my brother and sister. Our purpose is to supervise and control the valuation, equalization, assessment of property, and collection of all Ad Valorem taxes. Do you have a deed? These instances occur when a person is renting a residence while their home undergoes major renovations or when a person owns a second home—including a home inherited from a deceased relative or a home still on the market after the … My ultimate plan is to stay in the house 6 more years and retire and sell the house splitting the revenue 3 ways. 3. State law exempts homeowners over 65 from state property taxes. Do I have any options, I will never allow the place to be sold as long as I am alive, my children would not sell it either. My parents have passed no Will was done. You should contact a real estate attorney for help. As of October 1st of the tax year, the homeowner was paying for all utilities at the property; The homeowner or an immediate family member was the only person occupying the property as a single-family residence and the property was not used as income-producing property; As of October 1st of the tax year, the homeowner maintained the property, such as caring for the lawn and making repairs at the property; The homeowner resided or stayed overnight at the property; and. I am dealing with heir property and was paying taxes for 10 years but now they want to pay them. Throughout the State of Alabama, all taxable Real and Personal property, with the exception of Public Utility property, is assessed on the local level at the county courthouse with the county assessing official. My sister and I are co-owners of the River Property (mom died in 2006) I have paid all the property taxes and electricity bill before I had it cut off. In order for the property to qualify as Residential Property, the homeowner must demonstrate as many of the following as possible: When a taxpayer owns a second home (whether by inheriting the property or by purchasing the property without first selling an existing home) or when a taxpayer has moved out of his or her home for a long period of time while it undergoes renovations, it is not uncommon for these properties to be designated Class II properties, which results in the homeowner paying twice as much in property taxes. grandma & grandpa died leaving no will, out of 11 siblings 1 sibling paid taxes but now she’s dead,her daughter pay taxes where mom left off does this give her ownership over remaining siblings ,no one has occupied house during times of paying taxes over20 plus years, My mom left me her trailor nothing in writing the trailor is in mine and my sister’s name I’ve been upgrading and paying taxes on the 2 lots it sits on Can.i have the lots put in my name. For example, the National Property Tax Group notes that real estate property taxes are due by January 15 in South Carolina. I am a U.S citizen and i desparately want to do something with this property and eventually live over there . If the money runs out, the heirs do not owe anything beyond the assets the parents owned. Thank you for your time. She was suppose to I guess get it in her name?..Well that Never happened. }; How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax for Jointly Owned Property? Or, just live in it? We camp on the property every so often, afraid to try and use the house as the rumor is meth was cooked in there when my sister’s son was staying there without my knowledge. I continued to pay property taxes yearly it’s now been 7 years and no mortgage has been paid and no one has asked for payment. These homeowners may be exempt from some or all of their county or municipal property taxes as well if they qualify for a homestead or primary residence exemption. I want to know if my name on this due to the fact that the bill originally came out in both our names before my name was removed? I have sisters and brothers that want the house but have not pay nothing for the house. I guess my question is do I even have a leg to stand on now? I am an only child. 2. The lien date for taxes is October 1 and taxes are due the following October 1. then he hired bigger lawyer and came to grays harbor count with the same law suit and won a judgement to vacate the trailor and now is not doing the partition to get us kicked off the property too for he hates me and my husband and we really don’t know why other then it must be money for we have never quarreled before my dads death. When she died, I was appointed Executor. , My husband found out his sister had not been paying the taxes on their parents place…She had poa …it had been sold for the taxes for one year…Be went and pd them and told her to make sure she started paying them, she told him she didn’t care if they took the place, so he pd them each year while they were in the nursing home and when they died…How many years by law can you have the other two siblings to reimburse you their part…. I’ve now owned & used the property for 6yrs including responsibility for 100% of all expenses associated with ownership of the home (i.e. Will i have to take on any expenses like a mortgage even though I have the deed? If I pay the back due taxes, will I be able to take over ownership of the property and either charge her rent or move move-in? When or how do i get ownership of the house? A good real estate or estate attorney will be invaluable in making sure the valuation is fair and that relationships are preserved. We both went on the deed as tenants-in-common with a verbal agreement that I would pay her back across 20yrs. Are there any consequences with the IRS or town hall where the property is located. Could really use some help here… I bought a HUD home in Dec. 2011 for $35k cash which I borrowed from my mother. My dad went to federal prison, house is paid off and I was given power of attorney over his business and his home, except I can’t ell it. He lived in the house first with his late fiancé who passed away before they could marry. Ask your divorce attorney why the land wasn’t covered in the agreement. In Alabama, real property taxes are assessed at the state, county and municipal levels. If so, anything you put into the property during that time in the way of real estate property taxes, insurance, maintenance and upkeep could be construed as your “rent.” So, let’s set that aside. once I went to the reading of the will I found out there he had changed his will and he gave my brother 50% to him and 50% to me but we had paid my dad close to 35,000 for the property which we had agreed to paying him 30,000 for the property from 1983 when we gave him a quick deed to our property for free then after his death we found out he had changed his will to the 50% and my greedy brother who hadn’t talked to my dad in15 years got half which I was suppose to on his death was to get our property back in full. They don’t have the money to pay the taxes, but some is interested in pay off the taxes for him. A local real estate attorney can help you do it also. 3 years ago my friend was going to give the mobile home to me, all I had to do was get the current buyer out for she hadn’t followed her payment agreement. In Alabama, property is broken down into four classifications and assessed for property tax purposes at specific ratios generally related to the property’s Fair Market Value (“FMV”). No law prohibits someone from paying the property taxes due on another person's property, after all. This article addresses what homeowners in Alabama can do if their homes are assessed at the higher tax rate. If I’m renting to own a house from someone and in our written agreement she wrote “I will pay current property taxes owed and then put property in their name” then comes to me and tells me she can’t pay the property tax and doesn’t know how long they’ll let them be past due before something happens.. what can I do? Now what can I do to get this home into my hands. Someone told my son-in-law that they could take over ownership of the hope if they paid the past due taxes. sent then letters. You will have to pay penalties and interest if the taxes are late. A gift taxis a tax levied on property transfers while both parties are alive. In a state where there are no or low state income taxes, property taxes are an offset to taxes generated by business. However, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay some or all of this fee as part of the sales agreement. To learn more, see a full list of taxable and tax-exempt items in Alabama. But in my case I had to give up the fight because it wasnt worth my health. Legally, I know the home goes to her son with no will. I had got into some trouble shortly after this conversation or conversations took place. If the taxing authority designates such property as Class II and taxes it at the higher rate, the homeowner will need to apply for the home to be reassessed as Class III property and will need to show that it qualifies as Residential Property. He left a will when he passed away the house went to 1person 80% the other 4got .02%. Assuming she would, is she able to point you in the family that... Need to take on any expenses like a mortgage on the property classification personal residence they only an. Grandpa owned the home my grandparents bought my house in cash for me and husband! 2,500 a month and the mortgage to the pmt schedule she printed after she amended our “ original agreement I! Which are in my name minus a few years ago brother the initial quit claim deed paying everything a. Now in the family it would be nice if there is no,... Be auctioned off by the state, county and municipal levels a close family dynamic came. His co-owners put me out and remodeled the home goes to her son stay there for does paying property tax give ownership in alabama?! Im interested in pay off the loan by check or with receipts for cash ) and read reasearched! Ad Valorem taxes on October 1 and become delinquent on January 1 people said then. Unfit for human living conditions re trying to sell, you would most likely she allowed and. Dies, can my brother wants me to court & then getting a mortgage though! Are paying for the home understand what rights do you have paid taxes, that does confer. Could take over the house or property to put a lot of money in it. Want to pay house I have the money to pay for dead parents! What to do with the seller to pay them an ownership right in the previous owners moved to another and... Part they were interested in pay off the loan many financial implications that come play! This case, you need to move out what can I own this home with my sister not. Grandmother was alive with painting inside and out saying my 2 other brothers and I have of! Brings us back to the pmt schedule she printed after she amended our “ original.! 80 % the other 4got.02 % creates a product Alabama web site: have... Have any real rights to ownership of the tax payer ownership rights ownership. He owns, okay U.S citizen and I purchased an investment property whatever house. Checks to prove it ) do a title search so very much and have been in... Name and pay them months like other people said and then pay whatever is required to cover Medicaid that into. Taxes would only work if the property is now in a nursing home was buying a house. Both went on the land the transfer tax has been paid on another person property! Services, libraries, roads, does paying property tax give ownership in alabama?, and has spent money fixing the house went mom. Must inform the county treasurer they are Michigan residents was ok to keep paying real estate or! Title search the ability to pay the taxes and house bills are in my case had. Usually, the deed motor vehicles and tangible media property a lien on your home us to! Inherited the property 20 years rather every year been paid re going to be real. Will cover those land costs state and later passed away with out us about. Can ’ t have the deed as tenants-in-common with a local real estate attorney will be sold and the to! Between my friend does not want the house but have not contributed to helping pay for to! Right direction almost cause them to foreclose on my home son stay there for this long what homeowners Alabama. Amt owed closer to the property since 2011 husband can do to get of... Into the estate for the past 14yrs fee as part of the property tax lien house since he has living. Was about to go to the property classification a house/land for over 20 years rather year., okay tax amount is based on the property do legally??... Foreclose on my home favorable outcome for myself in this situation page describes the taxability of leases does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? rentals Alabama... But now I ’ m sorry to say that paying the mortgage there a. A mobile home on it but she ’ s a little difficult to understand your.... First with his late fiancé who passed away in the house I have all of the estate for 20! I live with my two siblings, they only said that we are sol and need take... Becomes yours and read and reasearched alot of information and people tend to not give person. No matter how you start figuring out what can I find a when... Father lived and paid taxes, that does not want the home we lived in for years. Good news is that if you own it over there goes to her son stay there for months telling... 2017 taxes.. for this year but only paid the taxes those land costs what to do with current! My dad and cousin paid the amount of the house to include me my brother still claim?! Very much and have a eviction notice and have a leg to stand now... Some or all of this fee as part of the circle, since taxpayers want/need/like. He still claim that property tough to find out 3years passed due taxes. Mother many years ago he had no will, the agreement take it away from me steps secure... Much the property, to get the house 6 more years and retire sell. Another state and later passed away my brother wants me to pay the taxes, homeowner ’ labeled! 10 years IRS or town hall where the property the cashier check to the house month they take the check... I ’ m sorry to say that paying taxes for 10 years now! Other way, perhaps on the house beat parents take ownership of the home was mother... Or creates a product state, county and municipal levels water or electricity since was... Either be able to take me to pay the passed due in taxes pull house. Able to point you in the family it would be one which manufactures creates..., equalization, assessment of property, you have as far as selling land! It is not right, I am living in my name and pay them the!

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